Letters from Stalag VIIIB


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In March 2011 my father Arthur Charles Evans CBE, author of Sojourn in Silesia, reached the end of his long and successful life just short of his 95th birthday. Here in France I was left with copies of his letters written from Stalag VIIIb during his 5 years as a POW. I wanted to do something constructive with his letters and in July that year, as part of my bereavement journey, I began compiling a blog as if written by Arthur.

The blog took about 2 years to complete and was a really helpful bereavement tool for me. Now it is complete, I’ve decided to publish the blog, along with some photos of Arthur and some additional writing about my thoughts and feelings during blogging. I hope it will become a companion book to Sojourn in Silesia, the book he wrote about his experience back in the 80’s, although it is also a stand alone account of his time behind barbed wire.

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