Sojourn in Silesia

Sojourn in Silesia is available as a paperback and an eBook in both English and French (Séjour en Silésie). You can purchase the paperback editions directly from this website by using the Buy Now buttons below. The price for the paperback editions of Sojourn in Silesia is £8.99 for those in the UK, £10.99 in Europe and £14.99 for customers outside of Europe, all prices include postage and packing

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Sojourn in Silesia

English Edition


Séjour en Silésie

French Edition


Sojourn in Silesia and Séjour en Silésie are also available as an eBook, here are the various outlets you can purchase them from:

Amazon Kindle (French Edition)
Kobo Books (French Edition)
Apple iBooks (French Edition)
Barnes & Noble (French Edition)
Sony Reader Store (French Edition)
Smashwords (French Edition