Beachey, William George

My grandfather was William George Beachey b 8/03/1906 died 24/06/1983. He was in the Ox and Bucks light infantry and was captured at Watou on the 29/05/1940. His surname was changed when he married my nanna from Beechey to Beachey but for some reason he must have reverted back to using Beechey as this is […]

Garner, James

My father: James Garner, Lancashire Fusiliers, POW number 1206 was injured during an air attack on Saturday 2nd December, 1944, when a shelter within the camp was directly hit by bombs. His cousin: Gunner John Goring, Royal Artillery, POW No.1053 was killed during the same allied air raid; they were next to each other in […]

Evans, Arthur Charles

To read more about Arthur, please go to the About Us page.

Mirale, Henri

Henri Mirale is now 82, but he was the only Frenchman in Stalag VIIIB. He worked in the Hohenzolern coal mine and also with Kommando KE72. He was also on the Lamsdorf Death March.

Bruce, Don

You can read more about Don on his daughter’s website Don Bruce. 115 Squadron, RAF July 1942 -1945

Saunders, Charles

My name is Charles Saunders. On 21st May 1940 I was with the 2nd Battalion of the Welsh Guards when we arrived in Boulogne with the 2nd Battalion of the Irish Guards, to evacuate the British headquarters staff (including the Duke of Gloucester, whose job was liaison with the French forces). We landed in Boulogne […]

Smith, Bill (Smudger)

Bill (Smudger) Smith, my late father-in-law, was a PoW at Stalag VIIIB (and was a guest of the Chinese during the Korean War). Sadly, as usual, we could not get him to talk much about his experiences at the camp. Sad to say, he passed away recently (aged 83) and on sorting through his things […]