Andrews, Charles

My uncle (Charles Andrews aka Charlie/Nob) was with the Highland Light Infantry as part of the BEF in France 1940.  He was injured and captured in Ypres on the 26th May 1940 and transported first to Stalag X11A in Germany and then on to Stalag VIIIb in Poland where he remained until repatriation in October 1943.  His diary gives […]

Jenner, Norman

My father in law, Norman Jenner (far left), was a prisoner at Stalag VIII B from 1940 – 1945, having been captured at Dunkirk in May 1940. He was prisoner number 14399 and number 888306 in the Royal Artillery. We know he was on Arbeitskommando E122 which was involved in repairing river banks, loading sugar […]

Reilly, James

My father James Reilly (Dundee, RNVR) was a POW in Lamsdorf from 1942 to 1945. He was previously a POW in Bremerhaven, after his ship Voltaire was sunk in April of 1941. I have just read “Sailors in Cages” by Roger V. Coward, who was a shipmate of my Dad. It is a very interesting story and […]

Leech, Charles Osborne

My father, Charles Osborne Leech was taken at Dunkirk and spent the whole of the war in Stalag 8b. He was from Liverpool and was with the King’s Regiment. Sadly, he died, aged 49, in 1968. He kept a kind of scrap book which included details of Red Cross parcels, some poetry and some calligraphy but I […]

Wells, Bill

After being captured at Calais, my father, Bill Wells, a sergeant in the Royal Signals, was imprisoned in Blechhammer. an offshoot of Stalag VIIIB. Here is what he told the Portsmouth News before his death in 1986. “We were at Blechhammer to build a refinery and power station, and we were supervised by a German […]

Stapleton, Frank

I was a corporal nurse of the Royal Army Medical Corps 168 City of London Light Field Ambulance, and I was captured during the battle of Crete in June 1941. We were sent to Stalag VIIIB, where I helped out in the hospital there. Then, in 1943, I was extremely fortunate to be among 150 […]

Wilkins, Leonard

My late father Leonard Wilkins (who died in 1985) was a founder member of 3 Commando who, like Paddy Habron was captured on the evening of 19 Aug 42 at Berneval-sur-mer (from under the cliffs on the beach) and also ended up in Stalag VIIIB at Lamsdorf. My father had previously been a member of […]

Hawkins, George

My father, George Hawkins was in the Second Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment. He was captured near Hazebrouk on May 28th 1940. He was sent to Stalag 8B and worked in Arbeits Kommando E72 (see photo) – the Hohenzollern coalmine, Beuthen, for the duration of the war. He was marched out on Jan 22nd 1945 and […]

Lally, John

My name is Malcolm Lally and I’m a grandson of the late Pt. John Lally . My grandfather was from Leeds and a PoW at Stalag VIIIB until he was repatriated in late 1943. Some might remember him for his wooden leg. Here are some photos (below) of him when he was in the camp. […]

Clayton, Bertram

My father, Bertram Clayton was born in 1919 and lived in the Southwark and Camberwell area of London, where he had lots of brothers and eventually married Win. He became a Rifleman with The Kings Royal Rifles, 2nd Battalion and was taken prisoner of war on 26th May 1940. He spent the rest of the […]