Cowan, Frederick

My late father-in-law, Fred Cowan , was in the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment and he was was captured in Tunis on 30 November 1942. He was transferred to Stalag VIIIB where he remained until his release in April 1945. But that’s all we know and we’d very much like to know more. For instance, we don’t know how he got to the camp from Tunis, and how he was released. Did he go on the Lamsdorf Death March or was he liberated by the Americans?

We would really appreciate it if anyone knows the answers to any of these questions, and gets in touch.

These photos were sent in by the late Frederick Cowan’s son-in-law, Grahame Lee. Frederick is the circled figure fourth from the left in the back row of the picture on the right.

Received: November 2004
From: Grahame Lee
On behalf of: Frederick Cowan

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