Macdonald, Basil

Basil Macdonald

67th Medium Regiment RA
1941 – 1944

My brother, Bombardier B A S Macdonald (Basil), died in Lamsdorf from the after-effects of an industrial accident – a thrombosis that travelled to his heart and stopped it. He was 23 years old. He took part in amateur dramatics in the camp: I have a photo of him (below) sitting beside the actor Denholm Elliott, ex-RAF, who after the war became well known in plays and films. Basil is buried in the British Military cemetery, next to a soldier by the name of Murray (which was the name of my great-grandmother, who came from Aberdeen).

I would like very much to hear from anyone who knew him, or Pte Murray.

Basil Macdonald

Bombardier Basil Macdonald is shown here (front centre) with the actor Denholm Elliott (front left) at an amateur dramatics show put on at the camp.

Received: November 2004
From: Peter Macdonald
On behalf of: Basil Macdonald

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