This page is for memorabilia from Stalag VIIIB.

German Orders

It was 22nd April 1945 and, knowing that the American liberators were well on their way, the Germans marched out of the camp. But how did they know where to go? The following document explains all. A few hours after the Germans had left, Arthur Evans walked into the commandant’s office and found this document on his desk. Because Arthur had taught himself German during the five long preceding years, he quickly realised its significance – and he still has the Germans’ marching orders to this day.

German Orders

Alan Jessup and Roland Ford

These rather faded photographs are of caricatures that were painted at Stalag VIIIB by PoW Roland Ford and hung on the walls in the camp. They were sent in by Pat Jessup, and the caricature below is of his late father, Alan Jessup. To read Pat’s message, go to We’ll Meet Again!

Alan Jessup Caricuture

RSM Sydney Sherrif and the Polish PoWs

This is the photo album presented to RSM Sydney Sherriff, the allied PoWs’ leader of the camp, by Polish PoWs. His grandson, An

dy, would very much like to hear from anyone who can shed any light on who these Polish PoWs were, and why they presented this album to his grandfather. You can read more about RSM Sidney Sherriff on We’ll Meet Again!

Photo Album