Paul, Edward (Ted)

Ted Paul

I am trying to find out some information about my grandfather who was a prisoner of war during the Second World War.

His name was Edward Thomas Walter Paul (Ted to his friends) of the East Surrey Regiment (Private 12575). My grandfather passed away when my mother was only fifteen years old, so the only information we do know, we have heard through relatives who have now sadly all passed away (so we are not sure of its accuracy). But they believed that my grandfather was captured in Northern France (possibly Lille) some time in 1940/41 and marched to Poland to Stalag VIII B. We have found a “dog tag” with Stalag 8B – 12575 on it.

There is a photo here of my grandfather with some of his fellow PoWs.

Ted Paul

Here is a photo Edward (Ted) Paul and some of his comrades in the East Surrey Regiment. His grand-daughter, Jo Halkett, believes that he was in Stalag VIIIB from 1940 or 1941.

Received: October 2005 
From: Jo Halkett
On behalf of: Edward (Ted) Paul


  1. Hi all
    I’m trying to find out if there is any information on Lamsdorf in World War One. My Great Grandfather George, Frederick Sadler 29925 of Hampshire Regiment, was possibly interned at Lamsdorf. I have no service record as it was destroyed but I do have photographs of him and other prisoners and guards and a few postcards which all have Lamsdorf on them. If anyone can help please contact me at Thanks very much.

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