Photo Albums

John Fairlie is in the back row 4th from the left of this photo of soldiers from Scottish regiments in Stalag VIIIB. He was in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
The soldier top left of this photo of five men is named Daly. But it also shows someone with a similar name, Private W J Daley, and he is the soldier on the bottom right. Bill Daley was of the Welch Regiment, and was captured in Crete in 1941 and sent to Lamsdorf. Like many soldiers of this time, when he returned home to Wales he said very little about his time as a POW.
James Thomson (first on the right, second row from the front) was a prisoner in Stalag VIIIB and he died in the camp in 1942. His nephew, John, would very much like to hear from anyone who recognizes themselves, or anyone related to them, in this photo.
Ernest Cattermole (second from right) was in the London Irish Rifles and Arbeits Kommando E750. Here, he is photographed on a wall at Landshut, near Stalag 7a, where he and his companions had fetched up in 5 May 1945. Ernest would like to hear from anyone who knew him then.