Wilkinson, Robert

Robert Wilkinson, of 6th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders at Lamsdorf from 1940 – 1945.  Forced onto The Long March ending up in Stalag VIIa, just north of Moosburg in Southern Bavaria.  He apparently kept a diary of the march in short snippets. Kimberly Ragousis who has shared this information has given us permission to share some […]

Hibbard, Thomas

Thomas Hibbard is my grandfather he spent 5 years plus in Stalag VIIIb. He is the one on the top right hand side stood up. He was in the Dorsets an older soldier as he had just come out of the army but kept on as a reserve. He spent time in India before the […]

Macdonald, Norman Spencer

Norman started his Second World War journey in Egypt, leaving New Zealand in August 1940. After being captured in Crete in May 1941 time was spent in transit camps both in Crete and the Greek mainland before being transported by train, in cattle trucks, to Lamsdorf. Norman didn’t speak of his five years away much […]

Tolson, Harold

My dad, Harold Tolson was in the Royal army ordnance corps and was captured in the Middle East / Africa in POW from 1st June 1941 to 3 May 1945 according to his service and pay book. He told me tales how they went to the market to clean up and scavenged the waste veg […]

Blackwood, Thomas

My dad private Thomas Blackwood 16796 was a prisoner of war in Stalag V111b for five years. He was in the 51st division of the Cameron Highlanders he was 19yrs old and was taken prisoner at Saint Valery in June 1940. Received: December 2013 From: Carol Blackwood On behalf of: Thomas Blackwood

Foxcroft, Melville Lester

My grandfather Melville Lester Foxcroft, Union Defence Force (Army SA) was captured 21st June 1942 at Torbruk, Libya. After a period at Camp 54 (Fara Sabina) he was moved to Stalag VIIIb. Received: November 2013 From: George Meyer On behalf of: Melville Lester Foxcroft