Andrews, Charles

My uncle (Charles Andrews aka Charlie/Nob) was with the Highland Light Infantry as part of the BEF in France 1940.  He was injured and captured in Ypres on the 26th May 1940 and transported first to Stalag X11A in Germany and then on to Stalag VIIIb in Poland where he remained until repatriation in October 1943.  His diary gives names of people who may have been in Stalag VIIIb with him – New Zealanders H.J. Holmes, D.W. Broad, B. Chamberlain.  Australians R. Thomas and G.F. Acocks. British L.E. Gibson (Finsbury Park), G. Rice, Bewdley, Worcs, A.J. Small (West Horsley, Surrey, M. Turin (Northumberland), Rowlands (Manchester), J.R. Dixon (Co. Durham), W.H. Stevens (Eltham). 

Does anyone have information on any of these names or recognise my uncle’s name.  Unfortunately he died a year after his repatriation.

Charles Andrews


Charles Andrews

Received: January 2013
From: Barbara Smith
On behalf of: Charles Andrews

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