Andrews, Charles

My uncle (Charles Andrews aka Charlie/Nob) was with the Highland Light Infantry as part of the BEF in France 1940.  He was injured and captured in Ypres on the 26th May 1940 and transported first to Stalag X11A in Germany and then on to Stalag VIIIb in Poland where he remained until repatriation in October 1943.  His diary gives […]

Baker, George

My father was a prisoner of war, number 7800, in this camp. We believe he was a Lance Corporal and a driver in the RASC before his capture at, we think, Dunkirk. Sadly he passed away in 1992, but have recently found his documents, and would love to hear from anyone who remembers him. We […]

Beachey, William George

My grandfather was William George Beachey b 8/03/1906 died 24/06/1983. He was in the Ox and Bucks light infantry and was captured at Watou on the 29/05/1940. His surname was changed when he married my nanna from Beechey to Beachey but for some reason he must have reverted back to using Beechey as this is […]

Blackwood, Thomas

My dad private Thomas Blackwood 16796 was a prisoner of war in Stalag V111b for five years. He was in the 51st division of the Cameron Highlanders he was 19yrs old and was taken prisoner at Saint Valery in June 1940. Received: December 2013 From: Carol Blackwood On behalf of: Thomas Blackwood

Bruce, Don

You can read more about Don on his daughter’s website Don Bruce. 115 Squadron, RAF July 1942 -1945

Bryson, John ‘Jack’

I was not yet 3 months old when my father, Jack Bryson, passed on, in January 1957 and so only know about him from what my mother told me. But there are quite a few gaps in his war story, and so if anyone can fill those in for me, I’d be very happy to […]

Charlesworth, John

I am trying to find out more about my grandfather, Sapper John Charlesworth, who served with the BEF and was captured near Dunkirk in 1940. I don’t know what happened to him immediately after that. My grandmother was initially told that he had been killed, but later received notice that he was being held as […]

Clayton, Bertram

My father, Bertram Clayton was born in 1919 and lived in the Southwark and Camberwell area of London, where he had lots of brothers and eventually married Win. He became a Rifleman with The Kings Royal Rifles, 2nd Battalion and was taken prisoner of war on 26th May 1940. He spent the rest of the […]

Cooper, Fred

My Dad, Sgt Fred Cooper who passed away in 1986 was POW here between 1942 and 1945 after being shot down for the second time whilst serving with bomber command. Sadly he never really spoke of his time there. However, what came to light after his passing were the few letters, cards and photographs that […]

Cowan, Frederick

My late father-in-law, Fred Cowan , was in the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment and he was was captured in Tunis on 30 November 1942. He was transferred to Stalag VIIIB where he remained until his release in April 1945. But that’s all we know and we’d very much like to know more. For instance, we […]