Baker, George

George Baker

July 1941 – 1945

My father was a prisoner of war, number 7800, in this camp. We believe he was a Lance Corporal and a driver in the RASC before his capture at, we think, Dunkirk. Sadly he passed away in 1992, but have recently found his documents, and would love to hear from anyone who remembers him.

We have very little information as he never talked about his incarceration. We do know that he suffered mentally after the War as a result of various incidents both witnessed and experienced during his time at the camp, and undoubtedly he wanted to let these painful memories reside in the past.

He was very musical, and played the accordion and piano, and was probably in a concert party. This is a picture of him with his fellow prisoners. We have found other photographs (below), of what we assume are various shows in the camp, including ‘Fairy Glen’ and ‘Romany Revels’. We also have a photo of a show ‘Coconut Grove’, handwriting on the back reads ‘Poland 1941, Lensinham, Near Posen’.

We have photographs of a place called ‘Setzdorf’, and the writing on the back indicates that my father worked with Working Party 173, at Anton Latzell Stone Quarry.

We believe he escaped with others in 1945, but do not have any details of this, only some photos of Czechoslovakia taken post-escaping.

Interestingly, we have a copy of a camp magazine ‘The Clarion’, printed Xmas 1944, with a forward by S. Sherriff, camp leader. There is more material in the Photos.

Received: December 2005 
From: Ruth Baker
On behalf of: George Baker

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