Clayton, Bertram

My father, Bertram Clayton was born in 1919 and lived in the Southwark and Camberwell area of London, where he had lots of brothers and eventually married Win. He became a Rifleman with The Kings Royal Rifles, 2nd Battalion and was taken prisoner of war on 26th May 1940. He spent the rest of the war in Stalag V111b (also known as 344) and worked in the coal mine and iron works, and also did forest work (see photos below).

Dad was liberated 1st May 1940, but sadly, he died in 1960, aged 39, after many years of lung-related illness. He never spoke much about his time in the POW camp and only briefly mentioned the long march as the reason for his flat feet.

Bertram Clayton

In the first photo, Bertram is in the centre front. In the second, he is third from the right.

Bertram Clayton

Received: May 2005
From: Brenda Cooke
On behalf of: Bertram Clayton


  1. Jonathan Gledhill says

    Hi the story about your father is very similar to my grandfathers I dont know much as he never spoke about the war. What I have learnt is a little from my dad then the rest online, He was in the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and captured but dont know where, he was taken to Stalag 344 and spent the rest of the war there working in the mines im sure they must of crossed paths. My grandfather was called William Gledhill Army number 4689914 pow number 5077.

    • Reg wilshaw says

      i am trying to find out the same thing about my grandfather .Fred Wilshaw army number 2658373
      .finding it very hard and information to hand is sketchy .
      he was a miner before the war and during his captivity.
      if any help in clearing some details please answer back .

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