Garner, William Douglas

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My father Lance Corporal William Douglas Garner, Cheshire Regiment was captured on Crete and was imprisoned in StalagV111B Lamsdorf for 4 1/2 years.

We visited the camp in June last year and was impressed with the museum but very sad at the same time. We learned so much about my father’s time in Lamsdorf, we had an excellent guide who spoke good English. I am attaching the front and back of a photograph my son found on line with my father’s signature on the back. Dad was on the back row 3rd from the left. Also the newspaper cutting from a local paper in Frodsham Cheshire confirming he was alive but he was a POW. He never spoke about his imprisonment, my son was able to follow his service record from his pay book.  He passed away 26th September 1992 aged 73.


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Received: February 2015
From: Doreen Pennington
On behalf of: William Douglas Garner

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