Habron, Paddy

Paddy HabronDad joined the Prince Of Wales Regiment of Yorkshire at the outbreak of war, then volunteered for special ops and joined the No 3 Commando at Achnacary in Scotland. He took part in the raid on Vaagso before being taken prisoner during the Operation Jubilee, the ill-fated Dieppe raid. Dad was captured at Berneval-sur-mer and was taken to Lamsdorf to wait out the war. Some of the things they got up to are related in the book by Professor John Mellor “Forgotten Heroes”, I remember him interviewing Dad for the book. Gladly Dad is with us and will spend Christmas 2004 at our house.

There are some more group shots, taken inside the camp, on Photos 3, and I would be delighted to hear from any one who remembers him, or from the family of anyone who was in Lamsdorf, or worked in the fields or brickworks.

Received: December 2004
From: Howard Habron (son)
On behalf of: His father, Paddy Habron




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