Hibbard, Thomas

Thomas Hibbard

Thomas Hibbard is my grandfather he spent 5 years plus in Stalag VIIIb. He is the one on the top right hand side stood up.

He was in the Dorsets an older soldier as he had just come out of the army but kept on as a reserve. He spent time in India before the war. He was captured at The Albert Canal. It would be good to find the other POW families but they all weren’t in Stalag VIIIb.

Poor Tom was on the death march too and was missing for a while.  He didn’t come back from being a POW so was on the Missing list. He was eventually found in a hospital suffering malnutrition also he lost a toe due to frostbite. He was one if the workers in the dreadful salt mines.

 Received: February 2014

From: Linda Farrugia

On behalf of: Thomas Hibbard 


thomas hibbard

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