Jenner, Norman

Norman JennerMy father in law, Norman Jenner (far left), was a prisoner at Stalag VIII B from 1940 – 1945, having been captured at Dunkirk in May 1940. He was prisoner number 14399 and number 888306 in the Royal Artillery. We know he was on Arbeitskommando E122 which was involved in repairing river banks, loading sugar beet trucks, felling trees and other odds and ends in the Sudetenland mountains. He was also played the part of a bishop in a camp pantomime and, apparently, was known as ‘The Bish’ thereafter.

Norman (first pic on left, far right in back row) passed on about 10 years ago, and these photographs were sent in by his son-in-law, Malcolm Tebbutt.

Received: October 2004
From: Malcolm Tebbutt
On behalf of: Norman Jenner

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