Keel, Edward

Edward Keel

I am afraid I know very little of my uncle, Edward Keel’s experiences at Stalag VIIIB – he spoke little of it, although it was clear to all the family afterwards that what he witnessed deeply affected him for the rest of his life. I don’t even know his army company detail – although maybe someone will from the uniform, cap badge etc (see Photo). I know he was released by 1945 – and was involved in the long “death march” across Germany. He did tell us that he was given a gun by the Americans(?) to despatch which ever Germans he felt like – he declined. Rations must have been tough – and we knew that he must have had a lot of beetroot – as he could never face it after the war. One Christmas in their prison hut, they made decorations out of toilet paper. However it caught fire (perhaps from a lighted candle). I wonder if anyone else remembers that?

If anyone remembers my uncle, I would love to hear from them.

Edward Keel Group

Received: January 2005
From: Ann Stewardson
On behalf of: Her late uncle, Edward Keel


  1. Please contact me re your Uncle – I may have a photo of him or probably several

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