MacLeod, Allan

Sgt Allan MacLeodMy father in law, Allan MacLeod, was a prisoner in Stalag V111B for 4 years during the war. He was Scots Guard. POW No 29418. Camp No 344. Captured in Egypt 23/11/1941 POW until 13/05/1945. We know he worked in the coal mines but he never told us very much about his time there.

Received: November 2013
From: Lesley MacLeod
On behalf of: Allan MacLeod


  1. Lawrence Mckay says

    Dear Lesley ; please contact myself as believe my father and your father inlaw were captured during the same German offensive. Would like to exchange info if poss. regards Lawrence M..

  2. Lawrence Mckay says

    Dear Lesley , In furtherance to your relative : Allen Macleod . My father was captured on the same date 23/11/1941 and also worked in the mines near Stalag 344 (V111B) released 04/11/1945. Found your info by chance while researching my Father’s history. His name is/was W.A.P Naylor (British) tank gunner Tobruk; North Africa. Regards ; Lawrence.

    • Lesley MacLeod says

      We visited the camp a couple of years ago and they have quite a lot of information there. Where about do you live as we could probably meet up. We have a copy of the Red Cross map that Allan had from the march through Italy that they took to get to the camp. We do not have any information about which mines he worked in, just snippets of information when he occasionally talked about it. He never talked much about his war days as many others did not either but occasionally he would mention certain things. We live in Lancashire but Allan is from the North of Scotland and we visit 2 or 3 times a year to see family.

      • Lawrence Mckay says

        I live in Alberta Canada so not easy to meet lol. Peter wrote about his travels on very small pieces of paper he smuggled threw Germany. Stalags, mines and work camps he was at as well as when and where they transported him. Also have Stalag cards they were issued as well as Passports etc. I hope to put together all stops and routes traveled . With any luck once completed i would like to travel the same route (if time allowes). He (Peter) remained a British citizen all his life and lived in Canada as a landed immigrant from the War on. And yes would rarely talk about the War. If you like I can be reached at E-mail OR box 5, site 10, rr 3, station main, Wetaskiwin, Alberta,Canada. Sincerely; Lawrence McKay.

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