Mitchell, William

I printed all the pictures on your site and posted them to my gran in South Africa to see if she could recognize my grandfather in any of the pictures. And she surprised us all by finding him on this one submitted by Bill Wells! My granddad is the 3rd from the right on the front row (next to Bill Wells). Now I would like to know if anyone remembers him and if they have any stories of his life in Stalag 8B. Below is some info I have on my granddad.

William Stanley Mitchell served during World War II as a gunner; 8 November 1940 and was officially discharged on 26 November 1945. He was 16 years of age when he entered the war and was 21 when officially discharged. He was captured at Tobruk, North Africa, and was a prisoner of war in Italy where he was in hospital for some time. He was later moved to Poland and was a prisoner of war in the German camp Stalag VIIIB. When the camp was liberated by the Americans he was transported to Czechoslovakia, from there to France and then on to England where he was transported back to South Africa.

My gran still has his access card to the German camp (date of entry, 24 July 1942, it is stamped Stalag VIII B, 32090).

Received: October 2005 
From: Clare Mitchell
On behalf of: William Mitchell

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