Roberts, Bryn (Bob)

My uncle, Bryn Roberts (also known as Bob), spent a long time in Lamsdorf, though mostly on working parties, including a sugar beet factory, numerous mines and Auschwitz Concentration Camp.  He was a Private in the East Surreys and was captured in Belgium in 1940.

I am now putting together his POW memoirs and would be most interested to hear of anyone who came across him. There were four Welsh Guardsmen from the 2nd Battalion: Smith, Price, (Len) Perrett and (Albert John) Allman, with whom he seems to have had a series of escapades. Also on one occasion he swapped identities with a Flight Lieutenant Ruthcliff from Portsmouth, to enable the RAF man to go outside the camp.

I would also like to hear of any Lamsdorf prisoners who spent time in Auschwitz. From my researches I have found that British POWs were sent to Auschwitz 3 at Monowitz and I believe their impartial testimony could be important.

Received: September 2005 
From: Peter Lewis
On behalf of: Bryn (Bob) Roberts

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