Vanburg, Percy Thomas Edward

vanburg 1 Percy Thomas Edward Vanburg (aka Van or Pete or Peter) from Bristol. He was captured at Dunkirk and transported via cattle trucks to Lamsdorf Stalag VIIIB and later 344. He was a prisoner of war for 5 years during which time he worked on many working parties and eventually was in the Death March until he was finally picked up by an American jeep and eventually sent back to his own people and transported back to England. He was in the reserves until the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950/52 when he was recalled to fight in Korea. He later transferred to the Glosters Regiment later known as the Glorious Glosters and received the American Citation by General Van Fleet of the American Army which was awarded to the Glosters Regiment for their heroic stand at the Imjin River Battle. His Army No. is 5184518

008A.Dad  POW Camp Germany (Working Party)005A.Dad 1944 POW Camp


Received: February 2015
From: Margaret Calamatta
On behalf of: Percy Thomas Edward Vanburg


  1. Anyone know or remember my Dad from Stalagg VIIIB (344)

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