Wilkins, Leonard

My late father Leonard Wilkins (who died in 1985) was a founder member of 3 Commando who, like Paddy Habron was captured on the evening of 19 Aug 42 at Berneval-sur-mer (from under the cliffs on the beach) and also ended up in Stalag VIIIB at Lamsdorf.

My father had previously been a member of the Loyal North Lancashire Fusiliers, “The Loyals”, and had previously taken part in the raids of the Lofoten Isles as well as Vaagso. His legs were badly burnt at Vaagso, as the landing craft he was in was smoke bombed by the RAF as they were running into the beach. He managed to convalesce and retrain at Largs in time for the Dieppe party on 19 Aug 42.

Like thousands of others he was also part of the infamous “Death March” from Lamsdorf, being repatriated by General George C Patton’s Army and flown back to the UK by Lancaster bomber.

My regards to one and all.

Received: February 2005
From: Ian Wilkins
On behalf of: Leonard Wilkins

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