Paul, Edward (Ted)

I am trying to find out some information about my grandfather who was a prisoner of war during the Second World War. His name was Edward Thomas Walter Paul (Ted to his friends) of the East Surrey Regiment (Private 12575). My grandfather passed away when my mother was only fifteen years old, so the only […]

Pitcher, Matt

My father, Matt Pitcher was captured on Crete and ended up in Stalag 8b, after hiding in the hills with the Partisans for about 9 months. I was wondering if anyone remembers him. He did the six hundred mile march with a bloke named Ham Monk. He didn’t talk about it much – can’t say […]

Reilly, James

My father James Reilly (Dundee, RNVR) was a POW in Lamsdorf from 1942 to 1945. He was previously a POW in Bremerhaven, after his ship Voltaire was sunk in April of 1941. I have just read “Sailors in Cages” by Roger V. Coward, who was a shipmate of my Dad. It is a very interesting story and […]

Reynolds, Edgar

This is my Dad, Edgar Reynolds, the lad with the banjo – he was captured at the beginning of the war at Dunkirk and endured more than four and a half years at Stalag VIII B. He was part of the E93 working party at Sakrau limestone quarry and one August day in 1943 he […]

Roberts, Bryn (Bob)

My uncle, Bryn Roberts (also known as Bob), spent a long time in Lamsdorf, though mostly on working parties, including a sugar beet factory, numerous mines and Auschwitz Concentration Camp.  He was a Private in the East Surreys and was captured in Belgium in 1940. I am now putting together his POW memoirs and would […]

Robertson, George

My father George Robertson (marked with Tippex) was a POW in Lamsdorf, he was wounded at Dunkirk and taken to Zydcoote hospital, escaped from there and made his way through France. Captured and taken to Lamsdorf.  Received: November 2013From: Gina HendersonOn Behalf of: George Robertson

RSM Sherriff, Sydney

From Arthur Evans, author of Sojourn in Silesia To the bewildered PoW, shortly after capture and entering Lamsdorf for the first time, the sight of the tall figure of RSM Sydney Sherriff was like a beacon of hope and stability in an otherwise alien and hostile enviroment. There was a man to whom one could […]

Saunders, Charles

My name is Charles Saunders. On 21st May 1940 I was with the 2nd Battalion of the Welsh Guards when we arrived in Boulogne with the 2nd Battalion of the Irish Guards, to evacuate the British headquarters staff (including the Duke of Gloucester, whose job was liaison with the French forces). We landed in Boulogne […]

Saunders, Tommy ‘Sandy’

My uncle, John Thomas ‘Sandy’ Saunders (1st. Batt. The Tyneside Scottish, Black Watch) was captured in France on 27th May, 1940, and he died Friday, 21st July, 1944. He was shot by a guard, along with another prisoner, after an argument over the cutting and stacking of wood, whilst working in a forest. The War […]

Smith, Bill (Smudger)

Bill (Smudger) Smith, my late father-in-law, was a PoW at Stalag VIIIB (and was a guest of the Chinese during the Korean War). Sadly, as usual, we could not get him to talk much about his experiences at the camp. Sad to say, he passed away recently (aged 83) and on sorting through his things […]