Kelly, John ‘Jack’ or ‘Spider’

My dad is John Kelly although everyone calls him Jack, or Spider. He’s from Sheffield, was in the Royal Engineers during the war, and was captured in France. Here is something he wrote about it: “We sailed out of Newport, Monmouthshire on the 14th of Sept.1939 and three days later, we arrived in St.Nazaire, France. […]

Laidler, James

Pte. J.S. Laidler 15528, Tyneside Scottish Regiment. Photos sent in by his nephew Alan. I am hoping he will give me more information and let us know which one is his uncle. Received: July 2015 From: Alan Hall On behalf of: James Laidler    

Lally, John

My name is Malcolm Lally and I’m a grandson of the late Pt. John Lally . My grandfather was from Leeds and a PoW at Stalag VIIIB until he was repatriated in late 1943. Some might remember him for his wooden leg. Here are some photos (below) of him when he was in the camp. […]

Leech, Charles Osborne

My father, Charles Osborne Leech was taken at Dunkirk and spent the whole of the war in Stalag 8b. He was from Liverpool and was with the King’s Regiment. Sadly, he died, aged 49, in 1968. He kept a kind of scrap book which included details of Red Cross parcels, some poetry and some calligraphy but I […]

Macdonald, Basil

My brother, Bombardier B A S Macdonald (Basil), died in Lamsdorf from the after-effects of an industrial accident – a thrombosis that travelled to his heart and stopped it. He was 23 years old. He took part in amateur dramatics in the camp: I have a photo of him (below) sitting beside the actor Denholm […]

Macdonald, Norman Spencer

Norman started his Second World War journey in Egypt, leaving New Zealand in August 1940. After being captured in Crete in May 1941 time was spent in transit camps both in Crete and the Greek mainland before being transported by train, in cattle trucks, to Lamsdorf. Norman didn’t speak of his five years away much […]

MacLeod, Allan

My father in law, Allan MacLeod, was a prisoner in Stalag V111B for 4 years during the war. He was Scots Guard. POW No 29418. Camp No 344. Captured in Egypt 23/11/1941 POW until 13/05/1945. We know he worked in the coal mines but he never told us very much about his time there. Received: […]

McAninly, Wilf

My uncle, Wilf McAninly arrived in Stalag VIIIB on 14 June 1940 – interestingly, the day after he was listed missing in the Sunderland Echo. He was transferred to Stalag Luft III “verwundet” on 20 April 1943, then transferred “gesund” from Stalag Luft III to Stalag VIIIC on 29 July 1944 and then to Stalag […]

Mirale, Henri

Henri Mirale is now 82, but he was the only Frenchman in Stalag VIIIB. He worked in the Hohenzolern coal mine and also with Kommando KE72. He was also on the Lamsdorf Death March.

Mitchell, William

I printed all the pictures on your site and posted them to my gran in South Africa to see if she could recognize my grandfather in any of the pictures. And she surprised us all by finding him on this one submitted by Bill Wells! My granddad is the 3rd from the right on the […]