Easton, Stanley

Stanley Alexander (Stan) Easton, Pte 4465708, 16th Durham Light Infantry POW Number 81185 held in camp 344 Stalag 8B in Lamsdorf, Poland. Stan was a Gateshead man who joined the DLI in July 1940 at the age of 29. Not sure if he was conscripted or a volunteer. Before joining the regiment he worked as […]

Evans, Arthur Charles

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Foxcroft, Melville Lester

My grandfather Melville Lester Foxcroft, Union Defence Force (Army SA) was captured 21st June 1942 at Torbruk, Libya. After a period at Camp 54 (Fara Sabina) he was moved to Stalag VIIIb. Received: November 2013 From: George Meyer On behalf of: Melville Lester Foxcroft

Garner, James

My father: James Garner, Lancashire Fusiliers, POW number 1206 was injured during an air attack on Saturday 2nd December, 1944, when a shelter within the camp was directly hit by bombs. His cousin: Gunner John Goring, Royal Artillery, POW No.1053 was killed during the same allied air raid; they were next to each other in […]

Garner, William Douglas

My father Lance Corporal William Douglas Garner, Cheshire Regiment was captured on Crete and was imprisoned in StalagV111B Lamsdorf for 4 1/2 years. We visited the camp in June last year and was impressed with the museum but very sad at the same time. We learned so much about my father’s time in Lamsdorf, we had […]

Guthrie, William

William Guthrie was my Father, he died in 1993. Amongst his papers I found a diary and maps (handwritten) with Red cross postcards and photos taken in the PoW Camp, mainly of men in women’s clothes doing theatricals. The paper is so fine and written in pencil that is it virtually unreadable, plus the land […]

Habron, Paddy

Dad joined the Prince Of Wales Regiment of Yorkshire at the outbreak of war, then volunteered for special ops and joined the No 3 Commando at Achnacary in Scotland. He took part in the raid on Vaagso before being taken prisoner during the Operation Jubilee, the ill-fated Dieppe raid. Dad was captured at Berneval-sur-mer and […]

Hamersma, Cyril

The photos on this site mostly look as though life in Stalag VIIIB was very dignified compared to some of the descriptions my father, Cyril Hamersma, finally came out with after 40+ years of bottling it up. He died in 1994. He was one of the ‘Belisher Boys’ – called up in the first batch […]

Hawkins, George

My father, George Hawkins was in the Second Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment. He was captured near Hazebrouk on May 28th 1940. He was sent to Stalag 8B and worked in Arbeits Kommando E72 (see photo) – the Hohenzollern coalmine, Beuthen, for the duration of the war. He was marched out on Jan 22nd 1945 and […]

Heighton, Richard

Lance Corporal Richard Heighton was a Cameron Highlander from 1930 -1938 2nd Battalion, and was a reserve at the outbreak of ww2 called to barracks and sailed to France with the 1st Battalion in 1939 as part of the Expeditionary Force, at the point of Germany invading France he was fighting a rear-guard action on the […]