Pitcher, Matt

My father, Matt Pitcher was captured on Crete and ended up in Stalag 8b, after hiding in the hills with the Partisans for about 9 months. I was wondering if anyone remembers him. He did the six hundred mile march with a bloke named Ham Monk. He didn’t talk about it much – can’t say […]

Hamersma, Cyril

The photos on this site mostly look as though life in Stalag VIIIB was very dignified compared to some of the descriptions my father, Cyril Hamersma, finally came out with after 40+ years of bottling it up. He died in 1994. He was one of the ‘Belisher Boys’ – called up in the first batch […]

Roberts, Bryn (Bob)

My uncle, Bryn Roberts (also known as Bob), spent a long time in Lamsdorf, though mostly on working parties, including a sugar beet factory, numerous mines and Auschwitz Concentration Camp.  He was a Private in the East Surreys and was captured in Belgium in 1940. I am now putting together his POW memoirs and would […]

Mitchell, William

I printed all the pictures on your site and posted them to my gran in South Africa to see if she could recognize my grandfather in any of the pictures. And she surprised us all by finding him on this one submitted by Bill Wells! My granddad is the 3rd from the right on the […]

Paul, Edward (Ted)

I am trying to find out some information about my grandfather who was a prisoner of war during the Second World War. His name was Edward Thomas Walter Paul (Ted to his friends) of the East Surrey Regiment (Private 12575). My grandfather passed away when my mother was only fifteen years old, so the only […]

Jones, Francis (Jack)

My mother Doreen (nee Williams) & brothers would love to hear from anybody who knew my Dad, Francis Jones known as Jack (POW No.6610. Dad was in the 2nd Battalion Irish Guards and captured in France on 24 May 1940 fighting the rear guard, having previously successfully assisted the Dutch Royal family to England. Once […]

Sykes, Roland

You have a group photo that was submitted by relatives of Bill Wells in which I was delighted to see features my grandfather. He was Gunner R. (Roland) Sykes of the Royal Artillery (service no: 1536602, POW no: 10060, camp: Stalag 344 (VIIIB), and he is at the very left of the back row in […]

Baker, George

My father was a prisoner of war, number 7800, in this camp. We believe he was a Lance Corporal and a driver in the RASC before his capture at, we think, Dunkirk. Sadly he passed away in 1992, but have recently found his documents, and would love to hear from anyone who remembers him. We […]

Guthrie, William

William Guthrie was my Father, he died in 1993. Amongst his papers I found a diary and maps (handwritten) with Red cross postcards and photos taken in the PoW Camp, mainly of men in women’s clothes doing theatricals. The paper is so fine and written in pencil that is it virtually unreadable, plus the land […]

Charlesworth, John

I am trying to find out more about my grandfather, Sapper John Charlesworth, who served with the BEF and was captured near Dunkirk in 1940. I don’t know what happened to him immediately after that. My grandmother was initially told that he had been killed, but later received notice that he was being held as […]